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Paper jams, clutter, system errors, busy signals, cost, and loss of productivity are just few of the problems businesses are facing with their traditional faxing machines.  In today’s fast moving market you want a fax system that can keep pace with you ever-changing business needs.

iNETFax is a service that enables your business to send faxes as easy as attaching a file or document to an email without the hassle associated with traditional faxing systems. Our service enables your business on any platform to view, send, and manage faxes without having to install special software. It allows administrators to mange users, permissions, fax lines, fax categories, document management, and many more.  So simply any device connected to the Internet is now your fax machine.

We provide two services in this domain, a hosted eFax service and on premises service. With the hosted service we take the hassle out of your business and assure the maximum productivity by hosting your eFaxing system on our stat-of-the-art data center. While we implement and configure your eFax service on your infrastructure to assure the maximum benefit and productivity of your service that fits with your business’s needs.  

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