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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

To maintain your competitive advantage, you need an IT system that delivers high-speed access to data and services at all times. Maintaining such a system can, however, prove to be burden for many businesses.

iNET managed IT services, simply, free up valuable internal resources, delivering increased productivity and reduced costs. Our team will manage the daily running and maintenance of your selected IT resources, providing continuity of service at predictable costs with clear escalation process.

Onsite Services

Our engineers will arrive at your location to resolve your most complex IT issues. iNET has the expertise to design, install, and configure cost-effective solutions to meet your business needs.

Data Center Operations

Data centers are far more complex and difficult to manage than ever before. Most data center managers try to mange these dynamic and complex environments with little more than spreadsheets and few diagrams. Managing today’s data centers demands a broad range of expertise and an entire team of IT consultants and professionals. We at iNET Solutions made data center management just simple by taking the hassle out of your mind.

System Administration

The success of any business heavily relies on stable and well-maintained systems. We take pride in resolving your issues (from design, planning, implementation, optimization, and security) correctly the first time.

Network Management and Support

Our approach is based on proactivity, to make sure you are best equipped for the now and well prepared for the future. 

Our engineers will configure and manage your network to ensure network links and devices are operating appropriately. We measure utilization and performance of the network to spot developing bottlenecks and performs proactive network testing to prevent failures before they disrupt your business.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data loss happens, hard drives crashes, and accidental file deletion can occur at any time. Is your critical business data backed up? Such things might put your business’ future in jeopardy; you need an IT partner who won’t let you down.

Client Deployment and Support

Our services enable you to operate effectively, within a performance-driven, and secure environment.

Office Build and Relocation Services

Are you building, expanding, or relocating your business? We have comprehensive and complete services that can assist you in all aspects of the project from analysis, design, implementation, and following up in order to make sure you have the right investment, as you need it. Contact us to see how we can help. 

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